Mentioning Italy already convocates delicious food. Developing through the years, Italian cuisine has become a symbol of diversity, quality, and simplicity. Everyone wants to taste it, cook it, share it, and even to learn its production. Every single corner, every narrow street, every piazza, every smile on random people's faces speaks about it. Whatever city you are visiting, you will witness Italian traditions and customs through food. Italy is the ultimate food destination itself, but having a list of the cities that you must visit to savor Italian cuisine way too helpful.


Besides many incredible things to see and do in Florence, there are as many delicious things to try. If you want to walk through its streets and piazzas, and ate the same time taste something that screams Firenze, then buy yourself a piece of Schiacciata. It is very thin crust bread, similar to Focaccia, drizzled simply with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. You will be amazed by how good bread can taste.

schiacciata fiorentina
Schiacciata Fiorentina

If you have more money to spend, and you are a meat lover, then Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is a must for you. It is quite a costly piece of steak so make sure you have somebody to share it with.


Do eggs, bacon, and cheese sound extra delicious to you? Then when in Rome, you must try Carbonara. Most often it is spaghetti in a creamy sauce of egg yolks and not Panna as elsewhere tend to prepare it, pieces of Guanciale, greasy pork jowl, parmesan of course and a little bit of pepper. Simple and much satisfying.

carbonara Rome
Carbonara, Rome


The simplicity and modesty of Genoa and the local people may surprise you and the food will blow your mind. You must try their pesto. The best pesto in the whole world! Served plain, drizzled with olive oil and topped, by your choice, with onions, cheese or olives.

pesto pasta Genoa
Pesto Pasta Genoa

Next on the list is definitely the Focaccia Genovese. Remember in Florence, the crusted bread very similar to Focaccia? Well in every bakery in Genoa you will find this delightful pastry, topped with olives, onion, herbs, salt only and characterized by the holes in the dough, where the oil and salt getters. The taste is irreplaceable.

Of course, being a port, Genoa offers all kinds of seafood you may want to try too.


Finally! We reached the land of pizza. Many, many years ago one of our favorite things to eat on earth was born here. Pizza Napoletana, extra fluffy dough, baked in a wooden oven, simply topped with tomatoes and mozzarella, will make you fell in love with it. Literally!

piza napoletana
Pizza Napoletana

The next must-try food in Naples is, believe it or not, pizza again. This time it is fried. Once crispy enough it is ready to be topped with the same ingredients as the baked pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil leaves. Less healthy but very tasty.


Yes, yes, I know you know. Spaghetti Bolognese right? Well, when in Bologna, please don't order this dish. The original, traditional recipe they have here is Tagliatelle Bolognese. The secret is, spaghetti is a tradition of the south of Italy, where they make pasta with durum flour. In Bologna, they use white flour and eggs in the process of making their pasta.

Fettuccine al ragù Bologna
Fettuccine al ragù Bologna


Brought by numerous chefs from all over Italy and the world,  cuisines from each corner of the booth are found in Milan. The super creamy Risotto Alla Milanese is a must try in this most vivant city of Italy. Its specific gold-yellow color comes from the saffron used in the recipe.

risotto alla milanese
Risotto alla Milanese